Another Colour engaged for event branding for Taronga Foundation

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Taronga asked Another Colour to create a range of material including invitations, booklets and event collateral for the annual Taronga Zoo Zoofari fundraising dinner in 2012. The night raised funds for five animals facing extinction: Asian Elephant, Cassowary, African Wild Dog, Sumatran Tiger and the Platypus.
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The agency collaborated with illustrator Chloe Joyce to create a collection of original illustrations. A mixture of pen, ink, and watercolour were used to create images that resembled natural history illustrations using a hatching technique. These images were then superimposed onto colourful watercolour backgrounds to create a continuous landscape effect. Invitees received a memorable folding invitation featuring all five endangered animals.
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The concept was used as inspiration for the event space: the logo was turned into a plant wall, artwork was reproduced to adorn the bar and walls and colourful fabric spilled from the roof to portray the watercolour swirls. On the night participants received a vibrant program with auction details and background about the five animals. Over $370,000 was raised through ticket sales, auctions, pledges and raffles. These funds were then directed towards breeding and conservation projects to assist these endangered species.

DezomoAnother Colour engaged for event branding for Taronga Foundation