Lavender builds website to advance Indigenous corporate relations

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Jawun (meaning ‘friends’ in the language of Cape York’s Kuku Yalanji people) is an organisation that facilitates working business partnerships between Indigenous communities and corporate Australia.  In order to encourage corporate sponsors to give time, assets and skills in this area, Jawun understood it needed a website to grow brand awareness and to promote continued involvement from the corporate sector.

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Lavender’s website states that, “The project became the collaboration opportunity. Indigenous students were recruited to work alongside Lavender people in creating the Jawun website.” The creative journey extended to a series of short films documenting the process, which were published on the website. During a visit to Cape York  experiences were shared and art commissioned, both important parts of the project.

As a sign of true respect and project ownership, Indigenous students presented the creative work at board meetings. Interestingly, following the experience, Indigenous students started new career paths in media proving that true collaboration can lead to social enrichment, eclipsing commercial gain.

For more information please visit Jawun


DezomoLavender builds website to advance Indigenous corporate relations