Toko challenged convention with the Power House

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Toko is a Rushcutters Bay design and branding studio that would belie its location if it wasn’t for its proximity to Sydney’s Surry Hills or Darlinghurst. It’s ability to collaborate with a global commercial and cultural audience gives the business a dimension that is out of reach for many. Perhaps the .nu in its domain name intends to spark interest; it certainly did at Dezomo.

The campaign for the Powerhouse’s International Lace Award dates back to 2011 when it ran an international exhibition that presented a collection of work from 134 finalists of the Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award. 130 works from 20 different countries were displayed each representing a provocative challenge to traditional concepts of lace. The works pushed lace techniques in surprising new directions – knitting human hair into sculptures of human organs, crocheting steel wire into a ghostly motor engine, carving lace patterns from the body of a rusty old truck.

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As Toko’s website says: “The Museum’s need to challenge conventional notions of lace in order to attract new audiences was the key to a ‘revolutionary’ visual identity concept for this extra-ordinary exhibition.”

Reconsidering pre-conceived ideas about lace, Toko’s taglines for its ‘Lace Revolution’ marketing and identity concept embodied humour and a sense of enquiry into lines like; ‘Make Lace Not War’, ‘Not Just a Thread’, and ‘Open Work For Everyone!’ The execution of collateral was both bold and provocative.

The project scope included conceiving the campaign concept, branding, publication design,
environmental design, advertising and collateral.

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DezomoToko challenged convention with the Power House