Toast develops digital application for NSW jury system

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NSW Attorney-General’s department commissioned Toast to brand a new Jury Management System, the key component of which was the development of a browser-based application for jurors and potential jurors. The key challenge was to create an identity and user interface which was both friendly and authoritative.

The project was approached and developed with a “mobile-first” philosophy to run on mobiles, tablets and laptop and desktop computers. In partnership with the Department of Justice, Toast assisted in the design and development of the Juror interface User Experience (UX).

“This has been an unusual project that will have significant positive outcomes for members of the public who are called for Jury Duty in NSW.” Nick Sammut, Managing Director, Toast Creative.

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“We set out to create a friendly and authoritative identity and have worked with our client to inject this tone of voice along the jury (customer) journey.”

Toast was also responsible for developing the brand strategy which identified the actions of observing, listening and deciding as integral to the juror process. Images of real people are used to portray a sense of ownership and responsibility.


“We felt it was important that jurors gain a sense of pride and civic duty, not inconvenience and stress, from their participation in the NSW Jury Service.”

The purpose of Juror is to dramatically simplify jury selection and provide efficiencies throughout the entire process for both jurors and government. The new mobile interface intends to support this journey and educate those selected to be involved.

DezomoToast develops digital application for NSW jury system