VR cognitive applications next big thing

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Imagine being able to market test new product packaging designs across multiple SKUs to gauge cognitive load and discover and monitor emotional responses. This is one such application of wearable technology company, EMOTIV, whose registered descriptor BrainWear sums up the extraordinary developments in the VR sector.

Australian born Founder and CEO, Tan Le (BCom (Hons), LLB (Hons) gave a TED Talk back in 2010, so far  clocking up some 2,325,662 views. Now 2016, she is attracting considerable attention globally amongst the scientific community, developers and unsurprisingly, brands. With a slow and steady understanding and application of VR to a vast range of sectors in the community and commercial spaces, brands are starting to use VR to provide new consumer insights in order to  enhance consumer experiences.

Tan Le’s bioinformatics company is advancing our understanding of the human brain and enabling early identification of biomarkers for mental and other neurological conditions using EEG technologies. Her work is transforming the Internet of Things and is proving to have significant implications across a broad scope of applications such as depression in the aged, art and culture, brand marketing, road safety, education, cognitive training, aerospace, automotive, even theme parks.

Check out this video capture of EMOTIV’s 3D brain visualiser application showing activity over the entire brain and across the four major frequencies – Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta – using the 5 channel mobile EEG headset the EMOTIV Insight.

Also follow this link to a number of developer projects including an FMCG packaging test and a mind controlled Tesla car, for a bit of weekend fun.

DezomoVR cognitive applications next big thing