Another Colour brands events for Thredbo’s 2014 season

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Each year Thredbo Village hosts activities for guests that range from family fun nights, downhill ski challenges and photography competitions to snowboarding displays. These engaging and fun experiences are seasonal requiring branding campaigns to capture attention and attract the crowds.

Another Colour used colourful, youthful graphics, whilst remaining sympathetic to the existing Thredbo brand that its audience recognises. For the 2014 ski season five logos were created and applied across print and online. Each event was distinct yet designed to be viewed as a set.

The solid attendance, high energy crowd and enthusiastic new skiiers  translate to positive experiences making future participation in these events more likely with the help of word-of-mouth advertising.

Thredbo-Top-to-bottom-branding-850x658 Thredbo-Opening-branding-850x758 Thredbo-Night-Rail-branding-850x748 Thredbo-Gopro-branding-850x602

DezomoAnother Colour brands events for Thredbo’s 2014 season