Attractivo creative agency five years on

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Founding partner Grace Chau is an award-winning marketer with a B2B and finance background. Chau’s advertising/marketing career has spanned over 12 years on both client and agency sides, having managed award-winning ATL, BTL and digital campaigns for renowned brands including St.George Bank and American Express.

Early in her career, Chau became frustrated with agencies’ long lead times to push campaigns and initiatives to market. With the digital world fast becoming an effective channel to drive immediate results, lagged time was not sustainable to keep brands competitive.

In 2009, Chau joined forces with Bianca Sengos, entrepreneur and digital marketing guru to start and build Attractivo from the ground up. Now five years on, Attractivo is an agency for organisations that already have their appointed above the line agencies responding quickly and helping brands to think forward.

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DezomoAttractivo creative agency five years on