Alphabet Studio stands out in the arts

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The arts sector is specific in its articulation of brand. Understanding and visually communicating the passion and meaning of an arts programme is a delicate skill. If done poorly it can sabotage the artist’s intent.

Alphabet Studio should know, working in Sydney’s performing arts scene with both corporates and independent performing arts brands across disciplines, hospitality and publishing, this design studio understands the language of creatives. Here’s a selection of work for 2014.

ANAM-2014-7 ANAM-2014-8 ANAM-2014 Belvoir-2014-covers21 Belvoir-2014-covers51 Belvoir-2014-covers61 Casula-2014-Program1 Casula-2014-Program4 Casula-2014-Program6 City-Recital-Hall31.Season Brochurejpg City-Recital-HallFlyer.81 projects-2014-4 FORM2-2014-7 MusicaViva-2014-invitation MusicaViva-2014-spreads3 MusicaViva-2014-spreads4 SF14-brochure-spread SF14-brochure-spread2 SF14-cover .

Alphabet Studio

DezomoAlphabet Studio stands out in the arts