BrandMatters? The people that repositioned Vero.

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BrandMatters’ partnership with Vero dates back to 2002 when the company was engaged to create the brand. At this same time the Promina and Asteron brands were also created.

The brand positioning had become less relevant due to an evolved product portfolio which accompanied an internal management restructure. In mid-2010 Vero developed a new “strategic aspiration” and engaged BrandMatters to help redefine the Vero brand positioning in line with these changes and the broader vision of its new parent, Suncorp.

Desk research was conducted, interrogation of the business strategy, depth interviews with internal and external stakeholders and brand workshops all helped to verify the strategic positioning. BrandMatters refreshed the Vero look and feel in line with the new positioning and developed a comprehensive set of brand guidelines.

An internal communication and engagement strategy was executed and a creative concept developed with applications including video, microsite, presentation roadshow and printed collateral. The launch also included the development of an internal magazine (printed and online) and an external magazine for brokers.

The new Vero brand was successfully launched and rolled out nationally across the organisation. The Vero positioning is an internal statement that has been communicated to external audiences with the tagline – ‘Our role is to partner with brokers.’

BrandMatters has continued to work on a variety of projects with Vero. Two related projects include communication programs for the Vero SME Insurance Index 2012 and 2013.

DezomoBrandMatters? The people that repositioned Vero.