COG360 rebrands Materials in the Raw

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According to COG360’s website the Materials In The Raw brand identity hadn’t been updated since the early 1980’s. The naked lady spread across poolside pavers did hold some existing value, although the play on ‘in the raw’ was obviously in desperate need of a repositioning.

Additionally, The Materials In The Raw product suite had expanded in quality and categories since the company began. Part of the brief was to overhaul the brand identity and communicate the updated product suite while focusing on key product categories.

Brand work shops were conducted to set a clear solutions path to update the brand identity while honouring the business product offer, its trade history and wholesale customer base.

The result is a bold and strong identity which delivers the original business title in full, withholds the original colour suite and serves to visually communicate the key product.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.54.00 pm

Before and After

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.54.31 pm

A fresh digital solution was included in the rebranding project. COG360 used the popular and robust digital platform, Magento eCommerce migrating databases, customer accounts andeNewsletter subscribers successfully. Customised shipping modules cater to the unique product types and delivery requirements of the products themselves. With a new hosting service to manage SEO, SEM and SMM, the result is a lighting fast and easily searched eCommerce website which can be managed in-house.



DezomoCOG360 rebrands Materials in the Raw