Cowan creates packaging for Dari’s Table dips

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Dari and Yehiel Kaplan had already created a successful range of fine foods including soups and dukkah when they asked Cowan to create a brand for their garnished dips to launch into the major multiples.

The packaging tries to convey the story of Dari preparing and cooking her amazing food at home in a simple and distinctive way. Communicating the uniqueness of the product to shoppers with warmth and cheek results in a design that stands apart from the cluttered shelves of manufactured dips.

Dari’s Table is now enjoying wide distribution and premium listings in Woolworths and Thomas Dux with a design which sets it apart from the competition as much as its products do.

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Cowan’s work extended beyond packaging to application of the brand identity to stationery and online.

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DezomoCowan creates packaging for Dari’s Table dips