Cowan builds egg profile into Praise packaging

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Cowan is a major player in the Australian and international packaging design industry, a design discipline that suffers from a lack of sex appeal especially when it comes to supermarket shelves. You can bet Mark Cowan, founder and managing director, thinks differently. Setting up the business using “the shopper lenses to deliver more effective brand communications at the moment of truth”, Cowan’s work is laden with consumer insights making this studio’s work interesting, notable and commercially effective.

Praise wanted to improve consumer functionality and bring greater pride and uniqueness to its packaging design. The egg-profile reflects Praise’s core message of quality. This is built into the entire range of formats and sizes to start establishing a distinctive, visual signature for the brand. Praise has improved its consumer experience through light-weighted and more practical packaging while building greater equity and value into the brand. With a new defined family structure, Praise now has a competitive advantage against price driven, private label offerings.

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DezomoCowan builds egg profile into Praise packaging