Delibrand’s brand revamp for recruiters, Talent International.

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The brief was all about conveying Talent International’s points of difference. A tech savvy, ambitious company that employed personable, knowledgeable IT professionals as recruiters. For this rebrand, it was important to convey expertise and approachability.

Talent International’s recent award success and media exposure tempted a bold and boastful voice that could have led the company down a very different path.  Yet the backbone of the re-imagined corporate identity and brand strategy was honed to be consistent with the company’s founding mentality, that of promoting talent and the clients first.
Talent International would remain humble in tone, yet inspiring and catalysing in content. Delibrand set out to spread the same ambitious action that the company itself, was living. The by-line was written: Make your move! Delibrand explored styles of typography, illustration and imagery to complement the existing logo and colour palette moving the brand in its new direction. Recognising Talent International’s two distinct audiences – the client and the talent – a two pronged approach was used.  Delibrand plays with the kitsch and the human quirks of IT and builds an insiders’ repertoire with IT talent that demonstrates hands-on experience. This is done using humour such as the dot matrix printer paper and ASCII illustrations, other times with examples of mathematics driven artworks or UML diagrams.
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“Delibrand is a space where your truth is distilled into art-driven communication for growth and engagement.”

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DezomoDelibrand’s brand revamp for recruiters, Talent International.