Eskimo creates Deco look for Melbourne’s Rue & Co

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Eskimo‘s suite of communications for Melbourne pop-up, street food quarter Rue & Co which launched in April 2014, is deliciously Deco.

Eskimo created a lively and graphic suite of collateral first building on the diamond motif of Rue & Co’s logo. The execution is a contemporary take on Deco reflecting the city’s dynamism and the precinct’s location on the ‘Paris End’ of Collins Street, and has been expertly rolled out across invitations, flyers, street posters, social media and online advertising.

The work is described on Eskimo’s website as “… an open call-out, an invitation for the culinary-curious…” and with culinary maestros from three of the city’s much-loved eateries serving diners straight from industrial shipping containers, Rue & Co’s aim to establish itself as a must-experience foodie destination, is an achievable outcome.

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DezomoEskimo creates Deco look for Melbourne’s Rue & Co