Frost’s Cycle Safe Campaign

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Sydney’s cyclists have doubled in the last three years prompting the City of Sydney to encourage cyclists to ride safely and graciously on its new network of cycleways to create harmony in the city.

Frost’s approach tailored the creative away from the regular safety signage and scare-mongering tactics and took a more artistic approach grabbing the attention of all cyclists from the contemporary cyclists and hobbyists, to the veteran purists.

Research conducted by Frost revealed that cyclists have an appetite for the authentic. Design Director Benjamin Hennessy designed a bespoke, hand-drawn type. The level of craft in the cycle-centric font creates the desire to think, slow down and take care. “Conversations about cycling are full of animosity and we wanted to create something positive”, says Hennessy, “this is more art with a message.”

Installed at 89 targeted outdoor sites in Sydney, the posters align with City of Sydney’s larger ‘art of gracious cycling’ campaign, encouraging riders to be more aware of their behaviour and help achieve harmony on Sydney’s roads.

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